We network with a range of local and international actors to promote social corporate responsibility to fight against the violation of human and environmental rights, and fair and sustainable practices throughout the global electronics supply chain.

The Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples’ Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity is a coalition of social organisations, networks and movements that confront the power of transnational corporations in favour of peoples’ rights, also by participating in the campaign for a UN Binding Treaty to regulate the activities of Transnational Corporations.

Good Electronics is a network of organisations and individuals working to improve human and environmental rights along the global electronics supply chain, primarily through awareness-raising activities, capacity building, research and advocacy.

The Make ICT Fair Consortium is a group of European organisations working together to improve environmental and working conditions along the global electronics supply chain, through activities focused on raising awareness, training, mobilisation, public procurement, research and advocacy.

The Right to Repair Campaign is a movement made up of social economy and third sector entities, local initiatives and individuals working to promote the right to repair our electronic devices. In parallel, the campaign also demands that companies and policymakers facilitate the repairability of electronic devices, thus taking a clear stand against planned obsolescence and waste generation.

Lafede.cat Working Group on Human Rights and Business is made up of third-sector organisations working together to achieve the implementation of legislative measures that limit corporate immunity at a Catalan level in order to guarantee peoples’ human and environmental rights.

The Group for Socially Responsible Public Procurement is made up of public administrations and third-sector entities sharing practices, knowledge and resources with the objective of promoting socially responsible procurement among public contracting authorities.

Networking provides us a great opportunity to share resources and knowledge between different actors, and it also allows us to carry out larger actions with greater social impact.


With the support of:

The Barcelona City Council has provided financial support to the development of the Mobile Social Congress and other related activities since 2016, through the signing of three collaboration agreements.

The European Union has financed the “Make ICT Fair” project (2017-2021), launched by a consortium of 11 European organisations, with the objective of improving sustainability and human rights within the global electronics supply chain through awareness-raising actions, capacity building, mobilisation, advocacy, research and public procurement.