This 2022, SETEM Catalunya’s Fair Electronics Campaign is celebrating the 7th edition of the Mobile Social Congress, which will be celebrated from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March in Barcelona and online.

The Mobile Social Congress is a space open to all citizens that offers a critical perspective on the current model of production and consumption of information and communication technologies, and an opportunity to learn about alternative models and projects based on technological sovereignty, sustainability and social benefit.

This year’s programme’s theme is ‘Let’s place technology at the service of life’. This #MSC22, we want to address how we can put technology at the service of life, understanding life as the well-being of people at both ends of the production and consumption supply chain, and the balance needed to keep the ecosystems that sustain biodiversity, and human life on planet Earth, alive.

We will discuss the post-Covid impacts that are still pervasive in many factories and throughout the supply chain. We will address union busting practices by large companies such as Amazon and hear testimonies from various trade union leaders, as well as the precarious working conditions in factories in Eastern Europe.

We will also discuss the social and environmental impacts from the extraction of certain metals in the Global South to produce electric batteries needed for the energy transition, and the key role of responsible public procurement in cloud services contracting. Finally, we will address the growing mass surveillance exercised by states and companies using new technologies, and showcase initiatives and projects that offer alternatives that benefit their communities.

Against a backdrop of climate crisis, health crisis and care crisis, and in the face of the continuous violation of human and labour rights in the production and supply chains of the electronics sector, we encourage citizens to participate in the Mobile Social Congress, and to support a fairer and more sustainable electronics model.

#MSC22 #ThePeoplesMobile


– In-person recreational activities: 27 February in the morning Jardins del Pou de la Figuera, at Barcelonas Born neighbourhood.

– Action to denounce the current electronics model: 28 February in Barcelona.

– Talks: 1 March in the morning, online.

– Talks: 2 March in the afternoon, in person at the Born Centre de Cultura I Memòria in Barcelona and streamed online.