We need an ambitious Catalan waste law!

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SETEM Catalunya has joined forces with more than 20 organisations, trade unions and others to demand an ambitious waste law.

We need the future waste law of Catalonia to go radically against the current model that makes natural resources disappear and generates a great deal of pollution. We have been in front of the Government of the Generalitat to support the demand for waste reduction, liquid toxic products, an economy of reuse, which is paid for and maximum transparency with data.

Dimarts will participate in a performative and vindicative act in which the weight that we assume from the citizenship for the current production and consumption model will be shown. As explained by Rezero, one of the driving forces behind the event, three spheres of about two metres in diameter each will represent the three problems of the current production and consumption model. One evokes the evils derived from the toxicity of everyday consumer products and the pollution caused by bad waste management practices. Another sphere represented the economic costs that are unfairly borne by citizens, as companies externalise part of the costs derived from their activity and end up being borne via taxes. The third sphere denounces the environmental costs of the use-and-fill consumption model, which is mortgaging the future.

The law approved by the government must be as ambitious as possible in order to respond to the climate, social and economic crisis we are facing. The organisations demand from our political representatives policies that really transform the production and consumption model that is suffocating citizens and the planet.

More information at Rezero.